How We Got From There to Here.

Sparky and I met in the fall of 2004. I would not say it was love at first sight, but rather that we grew on each other over several months. We hiked. We consulted. We knitted (!). I broke computers and he fixed them.  He helped me choose Christmas gifts for Amaya. We kind of slowly, in fits and starts, fell madly in love, but were in a sort of denial. One evening, during a car ride to pick up some friends at the airport, I admitted to T how I felt. He kept his eyes locked on the road ahead and simply, and very quietly said, “it’s reciprocated.” Soon I was cutting his hair and telling him his shirts were on inside out. We’ve been together ever since.

On New Year’s Eve, 2009, T and I took a walk out onto a snowy beach in Lake Tahoe, under the blue moon (seriously, it was a blue moon–the second full moon of December, and the last full moon of the decade). We crunched out onto the snow-covered sand where a few months prior, the two of us and our friends Peter and Lesley had gone for a bitterly cold swim in the lake. T had said he wanted to see what that same beach looked like in the snow, and I was game for anything–it was New Year’s Eve, after all. The scene was positively surreal. The moon was full and cast a pale glow over the water, and the beaches and trees were all aglimmer with the sugary magic of winter.

At the time we were kind of, um, avoiding a  police officer who had mentioned to us (after pulling us over because of an auto-registration computer glitch) that the beach was closed. It must have been hard for this officer to tell people they couldn’t enjoy the splendor of the lake at one time of day or other because he had been very kind and had seemed ok with the idea of our parking elsewhere and sneaking a walk down there just for five or ten minutes (he just told us to be sure he “didn’t know” we were there!). It turns out five or ten minutes was all we needed, as it was dark, eighteen degrees Farenheit, and breezy. T faked like he was cold and was going back to the car for a scarf (he was actually heading back to the car to fetch some secret roses he had bought, but of course I didn’t know that), so I stood out there for a few minutes alone. Note: it is kind of scary standing on a snowy beach in the dark, alone. Turns out T saw some red and blue lights on his walk to the car, so he decided not to bother with the roses, and headed back to the beach where I was standing.  Relieved when I was sure it was indeed T trudging toward me and not Sasquatch, I told him I had a surprise for him and promptly blasted him with a snowball I had made. He said he had a bigger surprise for me, and he knelt down and asked me to marry him. It was one of those singular moments where  some details are so crisp and others just fog-out into oblivion. Like saying “yes.” It was a moment of such fun and joy, I forgot to say it. And I forgot about the abominable snowman. And oh,the ring was dazzling in that blue-moonlight. I was afraid to even touch it because I was sure I would fumble it into the snow and  I’d have had to stand in that very spot until spring so I could find it again.

I finally did remember to say “yes, I will marry you.” We called Amaya, who was with her dad, to share the news and she approved, so we are happily engaged.


2 Responses to “Us.”

  1. Mona August 1, 2010 at 9:03 pm #

    Aaaahh! So romantic!! I’m so happy for you!

    • Aydenski September 15, 2010 at 10:07 pm #

      E, you have a gift with baking your words into a picture-cupcake, topped with frosting that is Lake Tahoe blanketed in snow. There is only one proposal in a couple’s life, so it is ever so sweet to hear all about it, thank you. I love your cheekiness and the romance… ah! I live for it! Sasquatch was spying from the safety of the trees and had a tear in her/his/its eye after T proposed and you were filled with joyful glee. My love and blessings to You both.

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