30 Aug

Our four girls finally started laying.  One day we had two eggs in the nest, and within days all four of them were laying like crazy. Some days there are two eggs, some days four. I think this means our neighbors are going to have to help us eat them (and hopefully said neighbors will stop hating our hens for cackling so much at 7am every morning…).

I can hardly believe how perfect they are. I do feel somewhat guilty when we rob the little gems from their nest boxes (we leave golf balls in the nest so they don’t feel too bereft). On the other hand, the hens did find their way into our garden and ate up all of our broccoli and lettuce this summer…so I’m not issuing any formal apologies for nest-robbing. Not yet.

I have never before experienced such affinity for eggs. Or beige.

Aren’t these little beauties just so…lovely?




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